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Several weeks and one strong eggnog later, I finally finished up this little project.

This blend uses Mel Calero's lovely Apple skintone as a base, which was initially posted at GOS and has since disappeared into the ether. I recolored it and significantly smoothed out the faces so that they would appear more matte and less mottled. I also increased definition around the eyes and nose and made a bunch of other tweaks for all ages.

One of my main concerns with these was making sure they worked well on darker sims.
See? No more discoloration or rosacea on the face! I did my best to make the lips appear more natural, but I confess I'm not completely happy. I altered the base color of the dark skintones so they would look a tad more natural as well. I feel like the default ramps run a little too red/orange/purple for some reason.

The bodies are a blend of Mel Calero's Apple and Ephemera's v2 default skintone. As you can tell, they are semi-barbie.
I've done very little hand painting on these - mostly smoothing out some pixelization.

End of the ramp

Texture Credits: Mel Calero, Ephemera
Additional Credits: Aikea for her super tutorial

Download Default

Download Defaults (Teen to Elder Only) 

Download Defaults (Toddler to Child Only)

Download Custom

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Date: 2011-11-27 04:05 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] lemonjelly
Downloaded and popped them in my game ready for playing later. They are beautiful! <3


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