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Featuring sims by [ profile] ghen , [ profile] maranatah , and [ profile] glennisonfire 

Last time I ended without showing little Molly's face because I am a negligent meanie.
So, this is her face. I think it is a good one.

Jay is still pregnant and on the brink of starvation(despite fully stocked fridges being at her fingertips).

Leopold: This puddle is odious and odorous.


Matthew: *musters the most genuine look of concern that a sim has ever mustered*

That's good news I guess?


Molly: Hey mom! You know I cherish every moment of our mother-daughter time, right? Yet, I do kind of need to use the toilet. Just at some point today.. no rush or anything.

These two are probably the most adorable sim couple I've ever had. Gonna give me cavities sort of sweetness.

Aw.. I think this is the least bitchy face Leopold is capable of making.

Jay's sore loser-ness transcends time and space.

I'm pretty sure she was still starving when I took this picture. Sometimes I think I have some sort of sneaky "extra hellish pregnancies" mod hidden in my downloads. Or.. maybe I just suck at this game, ha.

Molly: Whoa there! I did not pay for dinner and a show.
Jay: Thisisnotalaughingmatterohgod.

And here we have Blazes, who was named after Blazes Boylan from Joyce's Ulysses. Now, I realize I probably picked the most inappropriate names for these children given the character's relationships in the novel but...

Molly: *tires of these shenanigans*

Okay, so... good parenting is somewhere over there. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------>

And, you? You're in the opposite direction. Like, galaxies away. Hundreds of thousands of galaxies away from the good parenting planet.

The adorable Dexter Cross by maranatah

Molly is the broodiest little booger.

Now that Jay is no longer in immediate danger of dying with her face firmly planted in a pile of spaghetti, she is actually showing some interest in her children.


Birthday time for Leopold

I'm not sure where his chin ran off to, but I still think he's charming.

Meanwhile, Blazes grew up and took over Leopold's former position as the household's bitchy faced toddler in a polka dot onesie.

Molly: *is basically batgirl*

Okay. Yeah. Whatever, Mr. Perfect.

I thought Matthew deserved a hobby, so I got him this pottery wheel.

Molly: I hate everything THIIIISSS much!!
Jay: *brimming with pride*

Molly: I am displeased about this culinary experience!!


(Tangentially related truth: I was kicked out of girl scouts due to a bird-feeder incident.)

Jay: No amount of poo will get in the way of my feelings!

This is the lovely Iolanthe by ghen 

Matthew: Suddenly, I have unbridled hated for 2-day-old my son.

With the aid of radiance lighting mod, Molly has an honest-to-goodness reading rainbow moment.


Molly: Wow, I have fingers all of a sudden.
You had them before. Seriously, this pose is whack.

I think this is pretty much how I react to people using my computer.

I forgot about Blazes. He grew up on the potty.

I gave him a sassy hairdo and I think it suits him.

~melodramatic bed jumping~

Doo di dooo...


Molly is a romance sim, so I sent her off to get her romance on.

I can't say the plan was entirely successful, but she did find a quality dance partner.

Although, Sheldon Moriarty by glennisonfire was clearly the king of the dance floor.

Anyone who wishes to challenge him may do so at their own peril.

Molly stole these crepes. SHE STOLE THEM. That's an unforgivable act in my book.

I have no idea how to to end things, so here's a picture of Matthew looking slightly worried. I would worry too if I realized my daughter was a crepe thief.

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Hooray, neuroticrobotic sims!


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