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These are just some rabbithole recolors I originally made for Eltham's Drift, but now you can use them anywhere you'd like!
Many thanks to lemonjelly / starlight diner for encouraging me to make these. <3

There are two flavors: standalone and default replacement.

The standalone versions are separate objects with unique titles and descriptions. They will not affect the original rabbitholes in any way. The default replacements simply replace the coloring of the original rabbitholes, but the descriptions and titles will remain unchanged. You could have both flavors in your game at the same time without conflict, although I have no idea why you would want do that. All of these require the Pets, unfortunately. Perhaps I will learn how to make them BG friendly at some point, though?

Eltham's Drift Town Hall: city hall/military/law enforcement rabbithole
There are little Sherlock Holmes silhouettes on the flags, and the department plaques have a worn metal texture.

Gregson's Grocery & Cafe: grocery/diner rabbithole
I'm a bit proud of this one(I think it was all of those tears of rage that went into it). It has William Morris wallpaper in the cafe. >_<

Bowden Grange Academy: school/stadium rabbithole.
This one has some quidditch-themed banners on the side(made from some of my napkin doodles :D).

The Red Headed League Trading Company: criminal hangout rabbithole

Dulcie Duveen's & Hastings Incorporated: bisto/business/journalism rabbithole.
The signage has silly secret Sherlock references in simlish.

Silver Blaze Stables: small equestrian center
It's important to note that the default replacement for this one will actually recolor both the small and large equestrian centers.

Download Defaults
Download Standalone Version

I also tidied up my downloads tags, so they should be a little easier to navigate(I hope).
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