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I hadn't really intended to make spare updates for The Poppys because I'm a bit rubbish at updating their legacy as it is.  Nevertheless, here you go!

This is Leslie Mostly. Some of you may remember her? She was named after a muppet.
Her family was among the first to be transferred into my new hood, Brittlewood.

This is her lovely lady Jenny and their daughter Elodie. 

Trufax: This is the first time I've put a kiddie oven in a sim's home. FIRST. TIME. EVER.

Elsie visits. A lot. Like, every effin' day.

Cap'n Sam visited once.


...and now Leslie hates his guts.

Elsie: *stalks*

The lovely Coriander by Mondaylights

Stay classy Leslie. Go ahead and flirt with your brother's wife. Why not?

Jenny: *is startled by whatever Coriander seems to be saying about Sumo Wrestlers* 


Well, at least she's pleased about this turn of events.

Elsie: *stalks some more*

Pregnancies are a breeze when you're a good witch. Seriously, this throne is the cheat-iest object ever.

This is their spectral cat Bast.

She's a bit tubby - I love her.

Tada! This sweet little gal is named Mae.

...I maaaay or may not have aged her up immediately. I also may or may not give a fuck.

Bills-be-gone! Excuse me while I continue to imagine that I can deal with my medical bills thusly.

Leslie's face: home of the pissiest potty training faces.

Carl visits sometimes.

Although, it might be better if he didn't. 

Hammer Dracula: *judges werewolves eating chef salad*

Presumably, Hammer Dracula doesn't give a rat's ass about toddlers eating cat food.

This limo is probably thinking about how fucking bad ass Jenny is.
After starting her job at level 5 (courtesy of Coriander), she's climbed 3 additional levels with chance cards alone. 

Cutest cousins ever.

COUSINS. stapitsrsly.

At this point I realized the error of my ways and I managed to make Leslie purple again.

Mucha Magia 

In my mind, they are all thrilled about the fact that this picture proves that I have celebration stuff installed. 
fuck yeah no moar bullshit rainbow vomit cake ugh.

Gah! Look at her!

Mae grew up as well, despite my apparent inability to document it. I think she's ~lovely~

I also want to thank everyone for writing such incredibly kind things over at All Things Simlish. Life is kicking my ass right now, but reading those things makes me all kinds of weepy. Consider yourselves bear-hugged. Or perhaps not. Can a person under 5 feet tall deliver a proper bear hug? /hobbit4ever ;~;
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