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I hadn't really intended to make spare updates for The Poppys because I'm a bit rubbish at updating their legacy as it is.  Nevertheless, here you go!

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I also want to thank everyone for writing such incredibly kind things over at All Things Simlish. Life is kicking my ass right now, but reading those things makes me all kinds of weepy. Consider yourselves bear-hugged. Or perhaps not. Can a person under 5 feet tall deliver a proper bear hug? /hobbit4ever ;~;
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This is Barnaby Crumb. He lives in a new neighborhood called Brittlewood, which I am attempting to populate(sloooowwllyy).
I'm toying with the idea of doing a Ditft with him, but I'm not sure. It seems like such a fun challenge, but I feel guilty starting something that I'm unlikely to finish?
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Howdy! I went out of town for a bit. Nothing eventful happened, except tres leches cake. <3
I made two sims for the september challenge at GoS, so here's a tiny teaspoon of spam.

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The vast majority of these are new, but there's a few old ones as well. Interior shots are randomly shuffled in, so they don't necessarily reflect the interior of the house that precedes it. Sorry for that. Also, I didn't take pictures of every lot, because nobody really wants to see hundreds of pictures.

Update: You can finally download this at GOS
Update Deux: Added a few more neat pictures by Simtarts 

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Hey look! I still play Sims 2 sometimes. Here's Embry Brittle by [personal profile] sixtylilies  proving that shit.
My bandwidth has been exceeded for the umpteenth time. Whatevs, I'm trying a different site. I hope these show up okay.

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