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I had a few requests on Tumblr to share some Glendalough resources for CAW, so here they are (finally).

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Someone requested that I updated a version of Eltham's Drift with the new lighting already applied. I have edited the original post to add a link and some instructions.
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Here's a number of little bits and bobs I made to update Eltham's Drift for Supernatural. These items could be used in any world of course, that was just their initial purpose.

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These are just some rabbithole recolors I originally made for Eltham's Drift, but now you can use them anywhere you'd like!
Many thanks to lemonjelly / starlight diner for encouraging me to make these. <3

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I also tidied up my downloads tags, so they should be a little easier to navigate(I hope).
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(warning: gifs, cabin pressure references, lousy jokes)
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It's been a very long time since I've updated this. Thankfully, I'm pretty sure I have enough pictures for two updates, so another one should follow prior to hell freezing over.
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Just a little update. [personal profile] italent asked if I could separate my Spiced Cider skin default packages. So, here they are:

Teen to Elder

Toddler to Child

I've updated the original entry, here.
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This update is super long. I think there's 90 pictures? Proceed with caution.

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I hadn't really intended to make spare updates for The Poppys because I'm a bit rubbish at updating their legacy as it is.  Nevertheless, here you go!

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I also want to thank everyone for writing such incredibly kind things over at All Things Simlish. Life is kicking my ass right now, but reading those things makes me all kinds of weepy. Consider yourselves bear-hugged. Or perhaps not. Can a person under 5 feet tall deliver a proper bear hug? /hobbit4ever ;~;
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Several weeks and one strong eggnog later, I finally finished up this little project.
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