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Here's a number of little bits and bobs I made to update Eltham's Drift for Supernatural. These items could be used in any world of course, that was just their initial purpose.

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These are just some rabbithole recolors I originally made for Eltham's Drift, but now you can use them anywhere you'd like!
Many thanks to lemonjelly / starlight diner for encouraging me to make these. <3

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I also tidied up my downloads tags, so they should be a little easier to navigate(I hope).
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Just a little update. [personal profile] italent asked if I could separate my Spiced Cider skin default packages. So, here they are:

Teen to Elder

Toddler to Child

I've updated the original entry, here.
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Several weeks and one strong eggnog later, I finally finished up this little project.
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I made these little buggers for [personal profile] alistair_r , but they'd probably be well suited for anyone might like some more somber rabbithole choices in their game. They're basically standalone versions of rabbithole recolors I made for Glendalough. I've combined these in various zips according to type, but they are all individual package files. That way, you can pick and choose what you want. I hope this makes sense, I'm pretty tuckered out right now.

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I made a little thing? For Sims 3? The weirdness; it multiplies. Actually, I've been having a load of fun playing with puddings lately, but I have no intention of jumping the Sims 2 ship. Both games fulfill distinctly different needs for me. You can check out what I made over here, if you're interested.

Also, I'm working on a Poppy update. I'll probably throw it up later in the week. I have enough pictures for two updates but I just can't bring myself to deal with the wordy part. Pfft.
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Just wanted to note I made a default-only version of my Multi-PT set. I updated the original post with a link and a little information. If you don't want to navigate through all that, here's the download.

In other news, my job is completely exhausting and I'm finally getting over a nasty cold. My sinuses feel like they are on fire. Ugh. /whine

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My very first home brewed multi-PT set.
Also, a bonus breeding experiment with pixel trade sims by [ profile] needlecream , [ profile] kkkayleighh , [ profile] sanus_ex , & [ profile] rhiannon_alexis
Resulting offspring available for download.

02-12-11 Update: Now a default only version is also available!

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