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This update is super long. I think there's 90 pictures? Proceed with caution.

It's been awhile since my last update. So to recap:
There was some inappropriate daughter-in-law/father-in-law ogling, spectral cats, questionable parenting, werewolves, and quite a bit of fire.

The Poppys have since migrated to a new home in a new neighborhood, due to massive borkification.

Hel: Yay! Now that I am a teen, I can burn my food all by myself! :D

Picture has no purpose! Team Dull & Dreary forever though.

If I paid the fortune teller hella simoleans, this would be the guy that would fall from the sky.

Elsie: >:|

Meanwhile, Pluto and Osiris remain miserable ghastly crumb tinies.

Leslie has taken to flying by the house several times a day. I presume it's to indulge in her latest obsession, i.e., slapping Sam in the face.

Sam isn't too keen on his sister either, I'm afraid.


Osiris: Ye hear?? I am the Cap'n of this motherfookin' tub!

Oh yeah? Sam is the Cap'n of his motherfookin' life.


Despite having her worst fears fulfilled on a daily basis, Hel excels at school.
Osiris, on the other hand, has no such talent for academia.

Pluto: Ohgodohgodohgodohgod...

Aaaand Pluto could probably lose in a game of chess against himself. Think about that for a second. Yeah.

Not that it matters...

...because no one cares. :(

Sekhmet was reincarnated as a cowardly doofus. :3

Picture with no purpose #2

Pluto's bed assignment = the floor

According to his queue, Osiris is playing a game with Pluto. Although, as you might have guessed from the previous picture, Pluto isn't playing along?

...4 hours later

Lately, Carl's been inventing by day...

...and wolfin' out by night.

I typically imagine Carl to be a big fan of Switched-On Bach.

(not Wendy Carlos but this belongs here regardless)



Carl: SweetJesusFrostedFlakesAREGreeeeeat Aksfhjsfsekjg

Elsie: Hey father-in-lawhubby, you should definitely hit me up sometime. Even though we live in the same house and sleepinthesamebed.

Penitent Lady: I must confess, that is a fine bum.

Fine, resume your couch jumping. It's not like anyone cares that you've never done your homework! (They really don't)

Osiris: Balls!

Sam: Balls, you say? Hmmmm... *investigates*

Sam: *is somehow hurt by the lack of balls*

This is... oddly appropriate?

Yes Sam, that sort of flexibility takes hard work. I think? D:

Hel brought home the lovely Ursula by alleluia. She took quite a shine to her from the get-go.

Sadly, Ursula didn't feel quite the same way. :/

Pluto: Yesireee that's a picture of a fishy. Yup.

Osiris likes the ladies. A lot. Already.
Osiris: *wink wink* *waggles brows*

Oddly enough, I am not suprised.

What. What?

What are you doing?

I SEE what's in your queue you two and you can flippin' forget about it. UGH.

Hel and Osiris bond over their shared alien heritage. :)

Sam and Elsie bond over...

...other things.
Seriously, that's sweet and all, but can you not do that in your daughter's bed next time? kthanx.

Cleanbot and Elsie engage in cooperative cleaning! :3

Meanwhile, Hydrobot Master of Chaos, lords over his domain.

The stunning Arianrhod (by hard-sunshine) takes a stroll.

Carl, ever-the-charmer, swoops the fuck in.

Sam's bod: gets buff
Sam's eye: gets lazy

Osiris and some guy: Oh yeah! Shooby booby dooby doo whaaa...
Mae: *is scarred for life*

Mae: *twice*

And then this happened. D: D: D:

Also, this. O__o

BRB dying inside. :(

Arianrhod: I can't believe he's gooooone! I only met him five hours agoooooo! *gross sobbing*
Elsie: *remains her typical heartless self*

Then, Osiris autonomously decides to sleep in Carl's bed.


Even Molly was fucking sad (not that I can figure out why that would be?).

Elsie mourns through 6 hour conversations about busts over tea with jailbait.

The realm of the almighty Hydrobot.

His realm extends quite far, obviously.

Hel's second attempt to woo Ursula also ends in failure.

I'm sorry Hel, but I just don't think it's going to happen. :(

Hel: Auuughh! Whydoesshedenymyloooooooove?

Ursula: I will steal you not-newspapers from your house for generations to come. >:|

Carl shows up to mourn his long-deceased wife.

And scare the piss out of his favorite grandchild.

Elsie: Why don't you let me love you?? Now??
Odysseus(by alleliua): Hold your horses!

Random waitress: *liveblogs this treachery*

I'm sure it was amazing you HARPY. 

Oddysseus: I'm going to love you but I'm NOT going to be happy about it.

BIRTHDAYS(It's almost over FINALLY oh my god ).

Okay, so I added some triangles. 

Osiris: You gotta problem bro?

Teen Osiris (with 100% less see-through face!)

Teen Pluto (with 100% less emo hair, I hope)! 
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