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(warning: gifs, cabin pressure references, lousy jokes)

Because I am fickle as fuck, I decided to rebuild Greymare from the ground up.

for the fourth time

Although, I doubt anyone would really notice because it's more or less the same.

That is to say, dull and dreary as ever(just how I like it). :D

Although, the residents of Greymare fell back into their old habits straight away.

More or less.
In case you were wondering, Peggy was the victor of this tussle.
Although, you really shouldn't be wondering. Peggy reigns supreme.

Abigail: Why am I still here, again?
Because you're still an utterly lousy guitar player, that's why.

Walter is wary of this new addition. He should be.

Charlie has adjusted swimmingly to his new surroundings! :D

Ned has not. D:

In Derry Down Dale, when I wanted a maaaate,
I went to my daddy a-courting of Kaaaaate;
With my nosegay so fiiiine, and my holiday clothes,
My hands in my pockets a -courting I goes!

Virginia ain't a-courting anyone(in Derry Down Dale, or anywhere else for that matter).

Ice Cream Creeper Mobile: Hi, it's me again! I just know you have a burning desire for ice cream at 3 AM.

It would seem that the ice cream creeper mobile might be right (for once).

Although, it also seems like Virginia should really get her priorities straight.

Angelica:  My heart flutters at the sight of Rauschenberg's white paintings.
Walter: ...I don't think we can be friends anymore.

Peggy has made far more progress on the path to musical excellence than Abigail has. This is largely due to the little perks that come with being a creature of the night, sooo...

...a decision was made. B|

I don't know how these two became ~friendly~ enough to do this, but I AM HAPPY ABOUT IT! 8D

Walter: *is adorable despite the fact he is wearing shoes in bed, which is a repulsive thing to do ohemgee*

There are three beds in Greymare and mummies don't need to sleep.
Naturally, one bed is almost always occupied by the daydreaming undead.

Virginia: Oh.

Black and white gif from Disney's Alice in Wonderland. White text reads: Sorry, I Have No Fucks To Give

Peggy: I've seen your stash of Sterek fan fiction Walter.

Angelica: How dare you talk smack about  my belted jacket, MR. ORANGE SWIM TRUNKS?!!!! D:<

Ned: *has a brief crown-of-thorns moment, maybe*

A furious passion4fashion fight follows.

Ned drowns his sorrows in Peppermint Schnapps.

Walter will be mopping up his sorrows momentarily.

Charlie: Is that...? Did you transcribe Katy Perry's "Peacock" for piano??? 

Charlie: *gagging noises*

Peggy: I don't think that anyone can actually genuinely imagine more than about twenty otters at a time!
Walter: But, I can definitely imagine a hundred otters!

Ned: That sandwich would look so much better in my mouth.
Abigail: Omnomnomnom. Watch and weep, sucker.

“An opportunity for a much needed get together is on the way! A friend is soon coming to visit you!”
Walter: Noooooooooooooooooooooo socialinteraction nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

It's good to know that crystal balls consider the word "friend" to mean a total stranger who lurks on your doorstep for several hours, rather than someone with whom you have a substantial relationship.

Walter: *can't shake the feeling that he's being glared at by an otter in a bowler hat*

Virginia: Pewpewpew pew pew pewpewpew PEWPEW!

Charlie: *perambulates endlessly*

Peggy: So, would you care to join me for a fine glass of O Neg and an assortment of Peruvian plasma pastries?

Angelica: D8
Why must you insist upon sinking my ship??!

Peggy: Ugh! You call that a body roll?!

Charlie: *is dripping with shame and sorrow*

Ned: Take that! My swim trunks are clearly far more stylish than your hoodie and slipper combo!!

Walter: *seems to have misplaced his pajamas permanently*

Charlie: Oh, tub! You think I'm a good dancer, don't you?? ;-;

Virginia: Several of my motives are in the red! But who needs sleep or an empty bladder when an adventure in science awaits!! :D

Ned: Um.

Ned: UM!!

"Virginia has grasped the basics of logic!!"

"The basics of logic"? Are you sure?

Are you? Are you REALLY sure?

Ned: The war on women! The war on coal! The war on drugs! The war on marriage! The war on Christmas!?  These people really need to consult their conscience AND a dictionary! 
Walter: *is still worried about otters*

This is the face I make when people don't tag their Doctor Who spoilers on Tumblr.

Harvey: Oh dear! How sad I am about this turn of events. How extraordinarily sad. 

Not even a completely desiccated musculature stands in the way of Charlie's full body workout routine! Oh yeah!!!

Walter: Well, this is rather intimate.

Abigail: That was not al dente, damn it.

Abigail: I suppose I'll never have a perfect plate of pasta again. ;-;


Ned: I hate this new house.
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