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Here's a number of little bits and bobs I made to update Eltham's Drift for Supernatural. These items could be used in any world of course, that was just their initial purpose.

I only managed to recolor two rabbitholes, as the little fairy dome defeated me. I might try to fix it one day but for now, I will shed a single tear every time I see it in game.

Mysterious Caravan
Oh man, the pain this damn thing caused me.

Agrippa's Athenaeum

(Download Standalone Rabbitholes)
(Download Default Replacements)

Update 10/31/12 - I initially had a bit of a mix up with the default version of the caravan. The new zip actually includes two different versions for you to choose from. You may use the one pictured above, or this one.

I supplied placement suggestions for all of these, but you can stick them anywhere you'd like of course. Some replace existing locations in my game, but I'm pretty sure I checked that all could fit in more than one location. I have all EPs installed, but I am honestly not sure which lots require require what. As I understand it, content from EPs you do not have simply wont show up. No CC is needed.

Mr. Mulpepper's Apothecary (30 x 25)

This is the Elixir Consignment Shop. If anyone wants CC suggestion for further decoration, I'd be happy to supply links.

Placement Suggestions: I put this one at 123 Wisteria Street, which is where The Diogenes Club used to be.
I secretly hated that lot.

Pennyfeather Park (30 x 40)

This arboretum features beekeeping equipment and fairy houses.

Placement Suggestions: I put this lot at 214 Marple Lane, which is where the Chinese Garden used to be. A lot I also hated.

Rosmerta's Racing Grounds (30 x 15)

Placement Suggestions: I actually placed a little lot just behind Pennyfeather Park using the in-game World Editor. Since it has an abnormal size, you will need to use either this function of awesomemod or this little mod by velocitygrass to do this.

Edit: Tinycat brought it to my attention that the larger lot must be empty when placing the smaller lot behind it. I have no idea why that is. My apologies for the inconvenience. ._.


The Babbling Elm (30 x 30)

So, this is the Supernatural Hangout I built. I wanted it to feel a little homely.

I forgot to take pictures of the whack-a-mole and claw games, but they definitely on this lot... somewhere.

Placement Suggestions: 217 Marple Lane

I tweaked all weather states a little bit. The stormy weather is completely new. I made this alternate weather because I actually really enjoy the bluish-green lighting that objects take on in Moonlight Falls during the night time. You will see in these pictures that the effect is much less extreme than it is in Moonlight Falls. Although, if you don't like the evening colors in that world at all, you might want to pass on this.

This is what the weather looks like on a typical day.

A typical day near evening

Sunset (these have been edited to be a little less pink, but they're still pretty damn pink)



Overcast around sunset


Stormy (early morning)

Stormy (also early morning)


This sim has white hair and this image was taken around midnight. I hope that provides a good frame of reference.

The water effects look ESPECIALLY blue. I'm guessing that's because they're essentially white in daylight.

These are resources that you import directly into your installed world (found in My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/InstalledWorlds) file via s3pe. I recommend making a backup of the original file before doing this, just to be safe. Here are the instructions(taken from MTS):
  • From the Resource menu -> Import -> From file, navigate to the location where you have the resources extracted
  • Select all (Ctrl+A) the extracted files and click Import From File.
  • Ensure the dropdown for the filetypes show all *.* as we want to import everything.
  • When importing, make sure "Replace Duplicates" is checked as well.
  • Save the file and exit. Remember to simply do a Save, not a Save As.
  • Remove caches and test! You're all done!

If you have a mac or are unable to import the resources yourself, you can put the following file in your InstalledWorlds folder. I would move the original Eltham's to safe place as a backup.


This thing is probably riddled with spelling errors because I am very sleepy. I will try to fix it in the morning. ;)
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