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I'm having a particularly lousy day, so my commentary is probably not all that fantabulous. I'm sorry. D:

A new day dawns for good ol' Greymare. Regretfully, very little has changed.
Charlie keeps on creepin' on.

Peggy remains inexplicably furious all the time about all the things.

And our dear caretaker, Abigail, remains hardly distinguishable from the patients themselves. 

Virginia: *totally too tired for this shit*

Walter: ~flees the scene~

Walter: *mops up cooties, presumably*

It turns out that Ned has been dancing for hours on end to kid's music every single day.
The things you miss by muting you game. >_>

Ned: The Wiggles rule. Haters to the left. My left, not yours.

Walter is deeply offended by this sexually provocative decor!

I really should get Walter a fainting couch. Preferably a fabulous velvet one, complete with tassels.

Ned repeats the following sequence several times a day:
1. Compliment Angelica
2. Chat with Angelica
3. Yell at Angelica(with particular emphasis on the weather, or baby bottles, or pools)

~Hatemance in Bloom~

Here, you can see how Walter spends his time - mopping up a puddle of his own making for four hours. His feeling of accomplishment must be enormous.

Walter: Eh, I'm more concerned about my arm being on backwards thankyouverymuch.

Here, you can see how Charlie passes the day.

What can I say? The bitch is beautiful.

Walter and Harvey have a very srs washing machine rivalry.
Harvey: But I wanted to move the clothes to the dryer! *pouts*

Sink: *pees on everything you love*

Ned and Peggy: *are secretly teenage mutant ninja turtles*

Peggy: Pshh, that's a lie. I'm clearly Krang.

Peggy: I'll just be here. Hovering over your bed while you sleep. *whistles*

Poor Walter has an extreme case of mummyphobia.


This is actually pretty odd, because Walter and Charlie are besties(that frequently enjoy conversations about clean energy and butterflies because they are adorable). I have no idea how that works.

Abigail is still around, skilling like all get out, and leaving all matters of importance to the patients themselves.

Charlie clearly has keen powers of observation.

Well, at least Harvey has an idea as to what's between his eyes. Clearly, no one else does.

In addition to being gawjuss, Charlie has some pretty smooth moves.

Ned: *is intimidated by all the super duper fly-ness*

I suspect Walter would faint due to this invasion of privacy but alas, he is in a bathtub. 

Ned and Virginia somehow gained enough relationship points to share the double bed.

Angelica: Sleep deprivation! Huzzah! 
(This picture has the dual purpose of summing up all of my years in college)

Harvey gets really pumped about washing dishes. That's prectically a magical power. Seriously.

Do you see this? Mummies don't actually have bladder motives.
He is using the damn crapper as a SEAT while 3 or 4 other patients are practically pissing themselves. 

Harvey: *disapproves*

Abigail got a call about attending some sort of music class at the local theater, so I let her out for a bit.

Naturally, the tub took the opportunity to break itself...

...which had disastrous consequences for Charlie's midnight self-admiration session.

Given the fact that Abigail is the sole caretaker of an Asylum, I probably should have sent her home straight away.
So, naturally, I let her go hang with a Unicorn. Unicorns are implicitly more important shut up.

Abigail: What's up corn-dawg?

Abigail: *rapidly bikes away from the cheesiest joke I have ever made*
(Like, all the gouda and cheddar and camembert of the world COMBINED. I'm so sorry.)  

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Date: 2011-11-24 07:09 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] apocalypticsims
Actually I'm pretty in love with your game period, everything has such a vintage feel! I had to do a clean install right before Pets and I miss having this world so very much~ /adds a mental note to re-download

Oh and Charlie is my favorite asylum inmate ever. C:

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Date: 2011-11-25 09:00 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] lemonjelly
Well you certainly can't tell you weren't feeling it today, the captions are perfect! I love seeing Walter in your game, nice to see he behaves in my game exactly how the creator built him :) I love this challenge and always look forward to seeing an update.

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Date: 2011-11-25 03:22 pm (UTC)
currantpotpie: (patronus)
From: [personal profile] currantpotpie
So pretty~ I didn't know there were unicorns in Pets! 8)

~Continues to ooo and aaa at your game~


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